Lily 9 Months – Fishers Children Photographer

Sweet Lily is 9 months old! I can’t believe how quickly time flies and that she’ll be a year so soon! She has been a pleasure to photograph over this past year.  Lily is so sweet, dainty and loves to smile!! We even got a few shots with her puppy! I hope you guys enjoy!


2017-01-25_00212017-01-25_00192017-01-25_00202017-01-25_00152017-01-25_00162017-01-25_00172017-01-25_00182017-01-25_00132017-01-25_00142017-01-25_00122017-01-25_00112017-01-25_00102017-01-25_00052017-01-25_00062017-01-25_00072017-01-25_00082017-01-25_00092017-01-25_00022017-01-25_00032017-01-25_0004If you’re looking for a lifestyle Fishers Family Photographer or a Fishers Children Photographer, please send me an email at, I’d love to chat!

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