Katie and Trent – Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I had SUCH an awesome night with these two love birds! We cancelled the session and moved it back a week and I am so glad we did because the weather couldn’t have been more perfect – 78 degrees and sunny with a perfect sunset! These two live downtown and love it so we wanted to make sure to capture Indianapolis!! To top it off they brought their adorable bikes and used them for some of the pictures that happened to be my favorite!!  I don’t do a ton of engagement sessions but I would LOVE to start doing more, they are a blast!!  I hope you guys enjoy <32014-09-26_00552014-09-26_00562014-09-26_00572014-09-26_00582014-09-26_00592014-09-26_00602014-09-26_00612014-09-26_00622014-09-26_00632014-09-26_00642014-09-26_00652014-09-26_00662014-09-26_00672014-09-26_00682014-09-26_00692014-09-26_00702014-09-26_00712014-09-26_00722014-09-26_00732014-09-26_00742014-09-26_00752014-09-26_00762014-09-26_00772014-09-26_00782014-09-26_00792014-09-26_00802014-09-26_00812014-09-26_00822014-09-26_0083


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